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A simple google search for "Coffee" or "How to brew coffee" will undoubtedly queue countless hits varying from Coffee Shops to Bloggers debating the best Single Origin raw beans and quite literally EVERYTHING in between. Partly, I feel like writing on this topic only adds to the confusion, but I can only hope that our customers remain loyal and tune in to our compassionate wisdom when it comes to seeking that perfect brew.

I've drank my coffee black since High School, have dabbled in the likes of Espresso, Pour-Over and traditional Drip Coffee... I've even dabbled in those coffee 'Pods'. This being said, I've only spent the past decade trying to figure out the jargon on Today's Craft Coffee label - which we've discussed briefly in another Blog Posting. Hopefully this info paired with the fact that I've recently taken on the challenge of Craft Coffee distribution will vet that I at least kinda know what I'm talking about when it comes to Roasting, Brewing and Drinking the precious aromatic known to many as Coffee...

 We've previously discussed my favorite brewing method (the Pour Over) and we'll touch on this again - but I would like to briefly outline the many peripherals commonly found in a typical Coffee Bar;

  • Coffee Making / Brewing;
    • Carafe - Chemex style can be used in Pour Over coffee brewing where hot water is poured over grounds in a filter to brew coffee.
    • Coffee Maker - Many options here, including but not limited to the Behmor Alexa Enabled Wifi Coffee brewer which is my brewer of choice ;-). Not because of all the hands-free high tech features, but because, I am able to duplicate the efforts of a Pour Over on the brewer itself by setting a presoak time and profile for the type of beans I will be brewing.
    • Espresso Maker - Ideally 14 bar Barista machine with electric pump and milk steaming wand. Benchmark is the electric pump - we recommend sourcing a machine with at least 9 bar operating pressure to successfully extrude espresso shot through highly compacted grounds. 
    • French Press - Not many variables here - so long as it has a screen and holds water, it should do the trick :'-)
  • Filters
    • Paper - arguably more consistent at screening the smallest particles of coffee grounds from passing through into the brew. Also allows for consistent penetration for even brewing conditions.
    • Reusable - gold filters have created a long line of followers and actually do a pretty good job. The idea is to get something that will hold its porousness for long period of time, as well it does not let the 'grit' through into the brew. 
  • Grinder
    • Highly recommend a conical burr grinder - they are available at relatively entry level pricing and will go a long way in assuring a more consistent grind and brewing experience. 
    • Standard coffee grinder will also work but grind consistency will not be as accurate.
  • Scale
    • Coffee grounds should always be weighed out and there should be a coffee to water ratio of 1:15-1:17 no matter what the brewing technique.
    • Source of Hot Water
      • Steel Kettle with simple thermometer
      • Electric Kettle with temperature setting
      • Kettle with thermometer with upgrades to include digital readout, electric or even bluetooth enabled for Mobile connectivity. I think we all know the benefits of having coffee brew from bed ;-)
    • Accessories
      • Spoons, Scoops - often times a Tablespoon coffee scoop - I recommend to get to know how many grams are in each consistent volume scoop.
      • Milk Frothing Pitcher with (clip on) thermometer
      • Brush / Utensil used to clean out conical burr grinder for regular maintenance as well as for any one-off that may come up in the kitchen

    We are as passionate about Roasting as we are about Brewing and drinking the best coffee. Join us in our future weekly releases and take part in the olfactory adventure of a lifetime!


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