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How do you prefer to brew your favorite roast? Ruffbeans and I prefer the Pour Over method and have created a How-To video for those who are new to Pour Over brewing.

Note this is only our favorite method to brew - our beans will make superior coffee when brewed using any preferred technique. 

You'll need to track down these 6 items before getting started;

  • Pour Over style carafe - Chemex or similar
  • Filters - Paper or metal reusable
  • Source of Hot Water - with a Thermometer (205*F)
  • Scale - 42g Coffee to 600g Water
  • Timer - 5 Minutes
  • Grinder - start with medium grind

Please note the voice over doesn't quite track with each of the steps - here they are for reference;

  1. Weigh out 42gr of medium ground beans (will use 600gr water - filtered)
  2. Wet the Filter
  3. Soak the grounds in the wet filter with 50-75gr water for 30-45 seconds (timer should start at beginning of this step
  4. Brew - slowly, 150gr water to start - let the water slowly flow through the beans then attempt to keep beans evenly but just saturated for duration of the brew process (end to end ideally will be 5 minutes)
  5. Once all your water has soaked through (or 6 minutes rolls around) - go ahead and ditch the beans and filter, your brew is ready!

Thank you for your support and for watching - we will continue to revise and release only the finest coffee roasts and will keep our customers notified so don't forget to join our email list!


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