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Ruffbeans and I met a few years back and almost instantly connected with our unreasonably high expectations for that perfect cup of Joe. We worked together in an open office environment where the company provided at best, B grade coffee and since we had already become coffee snobs - had to find alternative. We started with a camping grinder and french press - would take turns bringing in beans from different coffee houses nearby. But ultimately shared the dream of roasting our own label. Ruffbeans is well connected in the local coffee scene and has been able to mentor for a few years now; in my humble opinion, Ruffbeans roasts some of the best coffee I've had the pleasure to enjoy. 

Since Ruffbeans and I are aligned in how we define quality, we have partnered to offer only the best Incense and Coffee under one roof. 

We will drop weekly Roasts - each in limited quantities - that will vary each release. Our aim is to pair the beauty and complexity behind Coffee pouring and tasting with the olfactory pleasures of Agarwood and Incense. For many, these go hand in hand and represent a morning ritual - myself included.



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