Wilson Family Hello

Welcome to our Website! As you can see, we have a lot going on and are hoping to fine tune as we continue this business adventure. We've done our best to simplify the navigation to our three main products - Candles, Coffee and Incense. We will keep the site stocked with Candles, release coffee weekly or bi-weekly pending demand. Incense will be released Monthly and leading up will be advertised on Instagram @kodo_king and on the Ouddict.com Artisanal Oud forum. 

My Wife and I live here in Silicon Valley where we both work in Tech and have dedicated our free time to specializing in all forms of olfactory organics - natural scents found in the world and often extracted as essential oils. We've been on this journey for years now and have logged many hours distilling essential oils from plants, resins, citrus and trees. As our raw materials began to accumulate and cure, we realized that we had created much more than just the two of us would be able to consume making perfume and giving gifts during the Holidays. It was then that we landed on candle making as an outlet to help consume the fruits of our hobby as well as to share our creativity with the world. It is through Tonic & Co that we hope to join all of you out there in pleasure and culture that accompanies the intimacy of burning a candle. As its scent is thrown about a room, your room, that you've chosen our scent to be part of, to join hands with - we become more connected than you may realize. We first noticed this phenomenon and how special it can be to share our creations when our friends whom we had shared a candle with previously, noticed that our living room smells like theirs while we both burn through the same candle scent. We also join in social game night on Zoom during tumultuous times as we all continue to battle the COVID-19 virus and despite being so far away, we're able to connect online and enjoy the same olfactory experience thus bringing us closer together. 

The good news is that the COVID-19 virus doesn't mean all bad for everyone, can bring good to some - we've decided to donate $1 of the proceeds from order to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. Second Harvest works tirelessly to feed the many homeless and jobless in our area who are not currently able to provide for themselves or for their families.